• Simple operation
  • Clean solder particles in apertures speedily and precisely
  • Effective cleaning time
  • Low consumption of solvent
  • Electrical power is only 1/20 and solvent usage is only 1/4 as compared to conventional spray-type cleaner
  • Save the running costs

The stencil cleaner systems removes older particles and adhesives in apertures that cannot be taken off by hand‐wipe! SAWA offers a hybrid cleaning technology with high-quality products. From compact design, so it is very handy to carry around and space-saving until Automatic Machine Systems! SAWA Corporation had addressed an invention of cleaning method which does not destroy ozonlayer. They succeed cleaning screen with Pb free solder paste. They have been striving for inventing machine which shortens cleaning and drying time and electori cyconsumption for discharging less CO2 and being enviro-friendly machine. Sawa corporation contribues to reduction of CO2 by two kind of ECO activities (manufacturing and ECO team)