Rotary Kiln (Drying)

Rotary Kilns heat and agitate process materials using a rotating tube

  • Advanced Design: Our special tube prevents oxidation and abrasion under high process temperature conditions
  • Process Gases: Specially designed sealing system keeps the kiln airtight, allowing for processing in a wide range of atmospheres at high temperature
  • We have experienced many projects globally for Lithium ion battery cathode and anode active materials

Rotary Kiln Features:

  • Variety of rotary kilns available: Batch, Continuous, Direct/Indirect heating, gas/electric heating, etc.
  • Easy powder handling
  • Special steel for battery cathode materials
  • Rotary cooler available (Option)


  • Battery precursor materials
  • Battery cathode active materials
  • Battery anode active materials
  • Carbon materials
  • Ceramics

New Technologies for Battery cathode active materials

1) Special tube material

  • Special nickel alloy : Less chromium
  • Mass production size available
  • Can be used for precursor, lithium hydro oxide and cathode active materials
  • Our rotary kilns could be used instead of a roller hearth kiln for some processes

2) Special configuration for larger heat transfer area

  • Special tooling used in tube to obtain a larger heat transfer area over conventional rotary kiln technology
  • Much larger throughput compared with same size conventional rotary kiln
  • Much smaller footprint when compared with same throughput of conventional rotary kiln


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