Warmkammer-Druckgießmaschine - Automatic Extractor

MSH 800/1000/1200 von Hishinuma

  • Link type arm
  • Suitable for both cold and hot chamber die casting machines
  • Can be mounted on the operator side or the helper side
  • Upward release for extracted parts
  • Products defect checking by photo sensors
  • Number of photo sensors: 2 (standard), max. 6
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation and operation
  • PLC control

Warmkammer-Druckgießmaschine - Automatic Extractor

MSR500 von Hishinuma

  • Rodless extract cylinder
  • Small unit
  • Photo sensors: 2 (standard), max. 4
  • Upward release for extracted parts
  • Extractor can move vertically (60 mm) – optional

Automatisches Ladesystem für Warmhalteofen

Hot Caddie 2 von Hishinuma

  • The straight/curve mono-rail running robot type full automatic charging system to charge the molten metal for number of die casting machines.
  • It corresponds to zinc and aluminium alloy for the pressure die casting, and has high potential for the safety, labour saving, non downpipe required specification.