Finetec - Eco Cutter

Schneideklingen für Industrie und Handwerk


Cutting Revolution

Finetec has worked on mastering hard blades for 26 years and is still making progress as the “Comprehensive Cutting Producer”. Nothing is more important to cutters than the cutter edge! The ultimate cutter edges are realized in order to achieve thinner and more accurate cuts.


- Carbon Fiber / Glass Fiber / Resin
- Lithium-Ion Battery / Solar Panel
- Ceramic (MLCC, LTCC, Fuel Cell)
- Metal (Stainless, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Titanium, etc.)


Are you concerned with the life of cutter? Please compare the edge widths of the conventional one with the Finetec Eco Cutter’s after 50 cuts. Eco Cutter has less abrasion of the cutting edge and a longer life, and by repeated regrinding, will allow for cost savings. At the same time, accuracy, efficiency, and reliability is enhanced.


Do you have trouble with neat, clean, and accurate cuts of the cross-section? The pictures show the cross-section cut of copper foil. With the conventional cutter, it’s malformed. But with the Finetec Eco Cutter, you can see that there is remarkably less deformation of the cross-section.

Finetec sharpness 2

Different blade shapes

The advantage
Excellent lifespan and significant cost saving

Finetec cost reduction 2