Suga mini

Super Xenon Weather Meter

Model SX75CE

Artificially simulating outdoor conditions, such as sunlight, temperature, humidity and rain, the weather meter Super Xenon® accelerates degradation of samples so as to estimate the life of products and materials in a short time.

Xenon Weather Meter

Model GX75CE

GX75 is a global general-purpose model compatible with international standard. It is a compact model with high performance with its 7.5kW Water-Cooled Xenon long life Arc lamp and filters with the Irradiance and Temperature Direct Specimen-Plane Control System.

Combined Corrosion Test Instrument

Model CYP-90CE

Corrosion test apparatus of metallic materials and coatings for accelerated testing involving cyclic exposure to salt spray, dry, wet, and introduced ambient air.

Suga Abrasion Tester


SUGA offers high reproducibility of abrasion in practical use.
The proportional relationship between the number of abrasion and the mass loss is exceptional.

Haze Meter

Model HZ-V3CE

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Haze Meter

This is a model with excellent usability and accurate measurement, developed to measure samples that are diversifying day by day. It can measure at either vertical or horizontal position depending on the sample.