Electrode Production

This process involves the fabrication of positive (cathode) and negative (anode) electrodes, which are vital components of a battery cell. The electrode production process consists of several key steps, including material preparation, coating, calendaring, and slitting. Each step requires precise control and advanced machinery to ensure the production of high-quality electrodes. Our company offers a comprehensive range of equipment and solutions designed specifically for electrode production, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and optimal electrode performance.

Battery Cell Assembly

Battery cell assembly is the process of combining electrodes, separator, and electrolyte to form a complete battery cell. This stage plays a critical role in determining the overall performance, capacity, and safety of the battery. The assembly process includes electrode stacking, electrolyte filling, and cell sealing, all of which require meticulous precision and reliable equipment. Our company provides advanced machinery and solutions for battery cell assembly, enabling manufacturers to achieve efficient and high-quality cell production.

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