MIXING process of Cathode & Anode materials

The best solution for mixing, dispersing, coating

  1. Mixing
    The mixing process holds immense significance in the production of battery cathode active materials and anode materials. It ensures uniformity, homogeneity, and optimal characteristics in the materials, which are essential for achieving superior battery performance.
  2. Dispersing
    Dispersing is a critical step in the production of battery cathode active materials (CAM) and anode active materials (AAM). It involves uniformly distributing additives, binders, and other components within the active material mix.
  3. Coating
    Coating is a crucial process in battery material production, involving the application of thin, uniform layers onto the active material particles. It enhances electrode stability, interface integrity, and can be tailored to meet specific battery requirements, contributing to longer-lasting, higher-performing batteries.
Material Examples

CAM (Cathode Active Materials)

  • Lithium cobaltite(LiCoO2)
  • Lithium nickelate(LiNiO2)
  • Lithium manganate(LiMn2O4)
  • Lithium iron phosphate(LiFeO4)
  • NCA
  • NCM (Ni, Mn, Co)

AAM (Anode Active Materials)

  • Graphite + Pitch
  • Silicon Oxide + Pitch
  • Lithium Titanate (LTO)
  • And many more…

In our extensive experience, we have successfully handled a diverse range of battery materials, including cathode active materials like NCM and LFP, anode materials such as silicon anode. This breadth of expertise empowers us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the intricate demands of battery material production.

Electrolyte Coating for Solid-state batteries

Solid-state batteries rely on the interface between the cathode active material and the solid electrolyte for ion conduction. Coating the cathode active material with a thin, protective layer stabilizes this interface, preventing undesirable reactions and improving overall battery performance.

In the realm of solid-state battery technology, electrode coatings for cathode active materials play a pivotal role. By stabilizing interfaces, reducing resistance, enhancing cyclability, minimizing side reactions, and boosting safety, these coatings are integral to achieving high-performance solid-state batteries that are not only efficient but also reliable and safe.


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