Roll Pressing

This equipment unwinds a thin film of aluminum foil, copper foil, etc. coated with an active material, continuously compresses it with a press roll, and winds it up. It is used to increase the filling factor of the active material applied to the thin film.

Roll Press Standard Specification

Calendar Thickness Quality : ± <2um
Winding Type: Auto Turret
Calendering Width: Nor. 680mm, Max. 1400mm (Anode)
Machine Speed: Max. 110m/min
Calendering Speed: Max.100m/min, Nor. 80m/min
Calendering Gap Control: 1. Screw Servo, 2. Hydraulic Servo
Calendering Main Roll: Hot oil heat source
Calendering Pressure: Max. 6Ton/cm, Nor. 4Ton/cm
1. Auto Thickness Gauge (Auto Feed Back System)
2. Force Elongation
3. IHU
Delivery: 10 months (FOB)

*This specification is a standard specification, and we can make proposals according to the customer’s electrode manufacturing process.

Single Calendar (Auto Turret)

Pressing Unit


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