DJK Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of the Japanese trading company Daiichi Jitsugyo Co. Ltd., and has its European Headquarter in Germany, close to Frankfurt am Main.  

As an expanding sales and service company, our focus is to supply industrial facilities and equipments for the industry, coupled with an outstanding service and a global well-developed network.

Our staff have an in-depth knowledge. Experience, expertise and flexibility which distinguish us. We see our clients as partners and together we will find the most optimal solutions with a lot of know-how.

Starting from the sincere consultation, the client enjoys DJK Europe’s customer-first spirit throughout the whole procuration process and even further.

DJK 2020

DJK Group

DJK Group, which has wide network all over the world, boasts a business model that combines manufacturing, marketing and service. Being a member of DJK Group, DJK Europe shares the same Total Solutions business model and always be ready to fulfil clients’ demands.

Daiichi Jitsugyo Co. Ltd.


  • Established in 1948 in Japan
  • 1,258 employees worldwide
  • 43 offices worldwide | global network
  • 1.25 bil. EUR sales / year
  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Information on DJK Europe GmbH Branches

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

VAT No: DE260932008
Business identification No: HRB 83720
Registered at court: Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main
Managing director: Mr. Iraka Aoki

Prague, Czech Republic

VAT No: CZ28477367
Business identification No: 28477367
Registered at: The Municipal Court in Prague
Branch manager: Mr. Iraka Aoki

Budapest, Hungary

EU VAT No: HU22572273
Tax No: 22572273-2-42
Business registration No: 01-17-000556

Sofia, Bulgaria

VAT No: BG205452591
Company ID: 205452591
Registered at: Registry Agency — Commercial Register, Bulgaria
Branch Manager:
Mr. Iraka Aoki

European Network

- United Kingdom
- Poland
- Bulgaria
- Romania
- Hungary
- Czech Republic