KOACH - Super Clean Zone Creator


ISO Class 1

KOACH – A super clean zone creator, born from the change in the way of thinking
The idea of forming a clean zone in an open space, which was thought impossible until now, was born from the change in the way of thinking that two push hoods should be placed opposite to each other.

By making purified coherent airflows generated by the two opposing push hoods collide with each other at the center, the KOACH can form a super clean environment with the world-highest cleanliness of ISO Class 1. KOACH was born.

Both the filter technology acquired in our mask business and the air flow control technology developed in the push-pull local ventilation system business have been incorporated into the development of the KOACH.


  1. provides an overwhelmingly high degree of cleanliness and maintenance is easy.
  2. is equipment. No construction is needed. Thus cost is kept to a minimum.
  3. has no surrounding walls. Thus workability is increased.
  4. consumes less electricity.
  5. can be relocated, changed in size (room-type KOACH). Thus failure-proof investment.
  6. has no heavy objects on the ceiling. Thus earthquake-resistant.
  7. can be installed in an extremely short time.