Hot Stamping Heating System

Double-decker Roller Hearth Kiln

Hot stamping is a process in which sheet metals are formed and quenched at the same time creating stronger lighter parts in turn improving vehicle safety and reduction in fuel consumption.

Advantage of 2 layers kiln

  1. High Productivity, utilization 5% up
  2. Energy Saving, running cost -15% down
  3. Space Saving, footprint -45% down 

Basic information

Working Area: max1.7mL×2.1mW
Heating Temp.: up to1000℃

②Dry Air

Weight Capacity: up to 4,600kg/hr
Discharge Speed: up to120m/min
Kiln Length: 19m

Heat Source:

  1. Top and Bottom…Electric Heater
  2. Top…Gas Heater
  3. Bottom…Electric Heater

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