Automatic Nozzle Cleaner

Cleaning only with water and air!

The two-fluid “water-and-air” cleaning technology makes solvent entirely unnecessary. All that’s required is water and air, no more no less.

Miniaturized water droplets can thoroughly clean out dirt that builds up on the nozzle surface and in its holes. Cleaning can be done for nozzles of various shapes.

The MAC-III is equipped with a Touch Screen and it is compatible with Nozzles of various mounter manufacturers. With this machine, you can improve the Pick-up rate, efficiency, quality and reliability of mounting.

Cleaning Performance



• Pick-up error reduction, thereby Pick-up rate improvement
• Recognition error reduction, thereby Mounting efficiency improvement
• Longer nozzle service life
• Quality improvement
• Reliability improvement

Cleaning system

• Twin nozzles
• Easy-to-operate, automatic cleaning
• Compatible with various nozzles – Optional nozzle holders compatible with nozzles of various mounter manufacturers


Cleaning time

With great cleaning power, the MAC-III succeeds where the conventional cleaning method (ultrasonic cleaning) fails, removing solder that has adhered to nozzle surfaces and dirt that has adhered to nozzle opening (just in 5 minutes cleaning time). Solvent is entirely unnecessary for these devices, which use eco-friendly water and air reliant technology for cleaning.

MAC-III Demo movie