• Maximum rotational speed 21,500rpm]
  • Driven by inverter, 0.8kW totally-enclosed high frequency customized motor is equipped. Actural rotational speed measured by rotational-speed-sensor is displayed on the screen. Rotational speed is easy to control and stable.
  • With optimal manufacturing system, we are offering best price of these high performance machines.
  • The Rotors(R2, R4) and The Screens (S1.5-24, S2.0-24) are packed as accessory. Examine each combination of the rotor and the screen to control particle’s diameter, dispersion time, mixing heat and so on.
  • Clearance setting between the rotor and the screen is 0.2mm. You can check out the effect of clearance on dispersion by attaching optional screens which set up 0.5mm or 1.0mm clearance.