Electromagnetic Separator

Electromagnetic Separator (EMS) removes metal contamination from processs materials. Magnetic separation enables the effective removal of impurities and undesirable materials from battery materials, ensuring the production of high-quality cathode and anode materials. By selectively capturing and separating magnetic particles, this process helps improve the performance, consistency, and safety of battery materials.

Eletcromagnetic Separation

Electromagnectic Features:

  • From R&D scale to mass production scale
  • Several types of magnetic screens available
  • Magnetic force up to 19,000 GAUSS


Battery precursor materials

  • Lithium-ion battery cathode active materials (CAM) Lithium cobalt oxide (LCO), Nickel cobalt manganese (NCM), Nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA), Lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
  • Lithium-ion battery anode materials (AAM) Carbon, graphite, silicon anode, LTO
  • Carbon additives
  • Lithium carbonate
  • Lithium hydroxide
  • Slurry of active materials


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