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Under low pressure environment,specimens dry at lower temperature and boiling point is also lower, which reduces stress on specimens. With a wider range of applications that take advantage of the vacuum drying function, there is an increased need for the high thermal characteristics of a vacuum drier as well as for improved production efficiency and reduced power consumption. To meet this demand, ESPEC upgraded the vacuum oven VAC Series. The new instrumentation achieves excellent usability and advanced functionality. For example, program operation can be selected for precise, automated control of pressure and temperature. A 20 to 40% power savings is achieved thanks to improved air tightness and sealing capacity of the chamber. A variety of options are available including the absolute pressure sensor. Furthermore, extensive safety designs complying to globalization trend have been added to meet the CE certification requirements. Based on the achieved temperature and pressure control capabilities for testing equipment, in which high reliability and high accuracy are expected, ESPEC further refines the capacities required for manufacturing equipment.