STB-807-LX1 | Soft Tip Bonding System 1-Up

The STB – 807 model is designed for bonding and forming tubing surfaces by an external or internal heating method.

Application Configurations:

• External Metallic Mold
• Butt-Joint
• Bond soft tip to a shaft
• Bond and form the tip
• External Non-Metallic Mold
• Butt-Joint
• Over Under-Joint

Insight Information:

When using the External Metallic Mold, the process temperature is measured off the Mold surface and the temperature feedback is used for closed loop process control. When using internal heating methods, the Mold temperature is not readily available; the induction heat is controlled by Time & Power. To prevent a residual heat build-up, ONEX RF uses a special algorithm to maintain a stable heating process without temperature feedback.