Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator

Manual type of
Ultrasonic Cutter featuring Maximum Output of 100 W

SF-0102 S


• An ultrasonic cutter featuring the size convenient for carrying around
• The transducer is provided with a hand switch and the activation of operation is
notified with illumination and sound
• The cutter can also be used as a versatile machine for cutting various materials.

This is a manual type ultrasonic cutter, which daringly pursued nice Features user-friendliness. It is provided with a portable handle and storage rack for use at various jobsites. It is best fitted for a wide range of applications including carbon prepregs, resins, rubber, and fabrics. For safety measures, the activation of ultrasonic vibration is reported with illumination and sound. The product complies with the CE Standard.

Applicable materials

• Carbon prepregs with thickness up to 10 mm
• Thermoplastics
• Rubber
• Fabrics

Corresponding Transducers

• HP-2200 (22kHz)