Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator

Ultrasonic Cutter featuring Maximum Output of 300 W


• Powerful ultrasonic cutter with a maximum power output of 300 W
• Mountable on automated machinery, industrial robots and plotters

This ultrasonic oscillator is capable of exchanging signals with the main units of automated machinery, industrial robots, plotters, etc., for operations, such as turning on/off, emergency stop and switching the output level.

Applicable materials

• Various types of prepregs (boron, Kevlar, polyethylene fibers, etc.)
• Rubber (vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting materials, sealing materials and tubes) and leather (natural and artificial)
• Thermoplastics (boards, sheeting materials, films, laminated materials, flooring materials)
• Fabric materials, nonwoven fabrics and paper (specially-treated paper and coated paper)

Corresponding Transducers