Ultrasonic-Cutter Oscillator

Ultrasonic Cutter featuring Maximum Output of 100 W


• Stable vibrations with a maximum amplitude of 30 microns ensure remarkable cutting performance
• Our unique technologies suppress the heat generation of transducers, thus enabling extended continuous use
• Adoption of the exclusive square-head screws and the screwdriver ensures easy and robust mounting of tools

This is a high-frequency cutter featuring the 40 kHz (40,000 vibrations per second) vibration frequency of tool with the amplitude of 30 microns. It maximizes the effect of ultrasonic high-speed micro vibrations. A wide range of materials, including newly developed composite materials, rubber and leather, can be cut at will with low processing pressure, sharp cutting surface and little cutting chips. The power control circuit specially developed by us and the cooling air inlet suppress the heat generation of transducer even for large amplitude, thus enabling extended continuous use. (For a long-time operation without air cooling, contact us.)

Applicable materials

• Rubber (vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting materials, sealing materials and tubes) and leather (natural and artificial)
• Thermoplastics (boards, sheeting materials, films, laminated materials, flooring materials)
• Fabric materials, non-woven fabrics, and paper (specially-treated paper and coated paper)

Corresponding Transducers

• HP 653 (40kHz)